We are so pleased to report that our Pack was awarded the 2014 Gold Standard for the BSA Journey to Excellence!
And we congratulate our Pack 176 District Special Service award winners: Mark Archuleta, Amy Genthler-Wright, and Helen Juarez.  
Thanks for all your energy, enthusiasm, and hard work over the years!  

Cubmaster Corner:

    Happy New Year to all my cubs, parents, and volunteers! I am very happy to announce that we will be presenting our charter to the Centerville Presbyterian Church on Sunday, February 1 at 10 AM.  Please plan on attending the service in class A uniforms and we will be serving cake to all the parishioners in conjunction with Troop 176.  Let’s show CPC our appreciation for hosting us all these year!
    What does the New Year bring with it?  Well for me a renewal of spirits as we move from cold dark December into a new spring.  Lots of fun outings and activities, like Pinewood derby this month and the Blue and Gold Banquet in February plus great Trail Trekkers.  
    Don’t forget parents can run a car in the Pinewood Derby too.  I have had fun building 3 cars myself and working on a car with my son has brought back many great memories I have from my youth.  The Scout center in San Leandro is having a Pinewood Derby building and testing day on January 24, the day before our races.  Let’s get ready to Race!
    The Blue and Gold Banquet will be run differently this year.  The theme for this year is Cowboys.  Mark R. has taken up the mantle of director once again and he will need lots of help to pull off a great banquet, both in planning and execution.  Thanks Mark, for all the work that goes into such a production.
Finally at the end of January the district is sponsoring a University of Scouting training day on January 31.  For all leaders, prospective leaders and committee members, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn new skills, rub elbows with fellow Scouters and have all your questions answered about the upcoming program changes.  Remember, we need all our leaders to be fully trained to put on a great program for the boys.
    Thank you all for helping run our scouting program.  The enthusiasm I see at every meeting is contagious.  It shows in the eager smiles of Cubs at the Pack meetings, the friendly discussions at the committee meetings, and special outings that the boys love so much.  Keep up the great work!

Andy LeRoy
Cubmaster Pack 176

Upcoming Events:

Join Pack 176 and join the adventure!

Jan Trail Trekker - Saturday, Jan 17, 2pm @ Sunol Regional Wilderness

Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from park headquarters. It is an especially attractive portion of this creek. Its gorgeous waterfalls and pools seem to attract cub scouts like a magnet and they do tend to get wet, so a change of clothes in the car and a pair of dry socks in your daypack is a good idea.

Hike Statistics:

Distance: 4.5 miles

Grade: Gentle rise in elevation. A few moderate slopes for short distances.

Suggested Age: Tigers to Webelos

Questions?  Contact Philip at philip.leung@jdsu.com 

Pinewood Derby - Sunday, Jan 25, 1pm @ CPC

A wonderful annual Pack event where scouts get to race pinewood cars of their own design!  Join the ranks of millions of Cub Scouts who have stood in the derby winner's circle. Cub Scouts have been building their own cars and competing in Pinewood Derby® events since 1953! The rules of the very first race stated: "The Derby is run in heats - two to four cars starting by gravity from a standstill on a track and run down a ramp to a finish line unaided. The track is an inclined ramp with wood strips down the center to guide the cars." The cars still roll that way today.
Cub Scouts build confidence, good sportsmanship, teamwork as Den members root for each other, and pride in their own growing skills and hard work. So enjoy the ride!
Questions?  Contact your Den Leader for more information.

January Pack Meeting Tuesday, Jan 27, 7pm @ CPC 

Our monthly pack meetings bring together boys from every den, their leaders, and their families, to participate in a large-scale event that serves a showcase for highlights of what the boys have learned and done in their individual den meetings over the previous month.  The pack meeting gives the boys a larger experience beyond their own den, and helps them to connect their individual activities to the entire Cub Scouting program. Pack meetings, along with the monthly Den meetings, are mandatory meetings for all registered scouts.  Prospective Scouts (grades 3rd & 4th) are welcome to join us at this month's meeting. 

Questions?  Contact our Cubmaster Mr. LeRoy at cubmaster@pack176.com 

Cub Scouting's
12 Core Values

1. Citizenship
2. Compassion
3. Cooperation
4. Courage
5. Faith
6. Health and Fitness
7. Honesty
8. Perseverance
9. Positive Attitude
10. Resourcefulness
11. Respect
12. Responsibility
Are you interested in becoming a Cub Scout?  Contact Us for more information.

Rank Ceremony: 
Webelos I
Set-up: Llama Patrol
Gathering Activity: Dragon Patrol
Opening Flag Ceremony: Den 9
Skit: Dragon Patrol
Pack Activity: Llama Patrol
Den Report & Den Yell: Den 4
Brings Pack Staff: Den 4
Takes Pack Staff: Den 9
Closing Ceremony: Den 6
Snack Duty: Eagle Patrol
Clean-up: Dragon Patrol


Our class “B” or "activities" uniform is an alternate uniform shirt, a t-shirt with the pack’s logo, worn to certain outdoor scouting events and activities. It is used mostly for outdoor activities and events during the spring and summer months. The class “B” uniform should only be worn to scouting events and activities when instructed by your Den Leader or Cubmaster. For all Pack and Den Meetings and most activities and events the normal full Class “A” Uniform must be worn. Questions? Contact Kim at jazzy0903@yahoo.com

Class "B" uniform shirts are available for purchase at our monthly Pack meetings for $12.

Trail Trekker Series:
The Trail Trekkers Program is a BSA progressive hike award program that offers a series of monthly hikes which located throughout the Bay Area that can be completed by Cub Scout age boys (from 6-11 years) and their families. These are opportunities for outdoor adventures that are high in "boy appeal", that allow a boy and his family to learn about the world around them. Hikes include trails in Fremont, Sunol, Livermore, Marin, Oakland and Berkeley.  Some are more physically demanding, and more appropriate for Webelos-age boys. Others can be completed by any age group.  Check our website for updated info on which hike is being done each month.  For more information contact Philip at philip.leung@jdsu.com