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    Our 176 Parent Volunteer Team

    We are so pleased to report that our Pack was awarded the Gold Standard for the BSA Journey to Excellence AGAIN this year!
    And we congratulate our Pack 176 District Special Service award winners: Mark Archuleta, Amy Genthler-Wright, and Helen Juarez.  
    Thanks for all your energy, enthusiasm, and hard work over the years!  

    June's Cubmaster Corner:  

        This is my final Cubmaster Corner for Pack 176. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as the Cubmaster for Pack 176 these past couple years.  Our Pack embodies so many of Cub Scouting's Core Values and I have greatly enjoyed working with such a spirited group of scouts and committed, positive group of Akelas.
        Now more then ever, I am convinced that Cub scouting and Pack 176 offer fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Service projects, ceremonies, games, and other activities guide boys through the core values and give them a sense of personal achievement.  Through positive peer interaction and parental guidance, boys learn honesty, bravery, and respect.  In Pack 176, we put a strong emphasis on family participation.  It is these principles that build strong leaders and allow the boys to grow up to be good men and even better fathers to their sons and daughters.  
         I am so pleased to welcome my successor, Andrew LeRoy, as the Pack's new Cubmaster starting in September.  I am confidant that Mr LeRoy will continue the wonderful half century tradition of adventure, fun and growth that so defines Pack 176 and is reflected in the Pack once again earning the Gold Standard for the BSA Journey to Excellence.  Our Akelas and our scouts understand that scouting is more than a couple hours a month. 
        My heartfelt thanks to all our scouts, Akelas, den leaders, the committee and everyone who has worked so diligently to make the last couple years the great experience it has been.  It's been a great adventure and I wish you all the greatest success in your scouting journey!

    -Mark Archuleta, 

    Cubmaster, Pack 176

    Upcoming Events:

    Join Pack 176 and join the adventure!

    Pack Meetings - We are on Summer Break!  Our Pack meetings are usually the last Tuesday of every month, 7:00-8:00pm at the CPC (Sept 24 - June 10).  

    Please join us in the fall!

    Questions? Contact our Cubmaster at cubmaster@pack176.com  

    4th of July Parade - Glenmoor Gardens - Friday, July 4 @ 10:30am
    This is a big neighborhood Fourth of July parade, with cars, bikes, strollers and even lawn mowers decked out and on parade. After the parade, the pool at Alta Park is open for a free swim and a BBQ cookout, so bring your swimsuit.  Pack 176 has traditionally led this parade with our scouts in uniform and carrying our Pack banner.  It is a festive event and great press for our Pack.  Please plan to attend!  This is a FULL Class A uniform event!  Questions?  Contact Grace at gmkarr@hotmail.com 

    The Boy Scouts of America offer many wonderful camps for scouts throughout the summer months.  Both overnight and day camps are available.  As a Pack we strongly encourage our scouts to attend these camps where the boys have an opportunity to grow in leadership, maturity, and earn patches, advancements, and pride in their accomplishments!  For more info go to: http://www.sfbac.org/camping/cubscout 

    Pack Bike Rodeo - POSTPONED!
    Coyote Hills Regional Park - August TBD
    We apologize for the change of plans and for any inconvenience to the Pack!!  This event will take place in August, so stay tuned!
    Bring your bike, a helmet, and a water bottle and join us for a bike safety check, biking safety review, a fun skills course, and a pleasant 3 mile bike ride through the park.  PROPERLY FITTING HELMETS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT!  
    Questions? Contact Frank at Committeechair@pack176.com 

    Cub Scouting's
    12 Core Values

    1. Citizenship
    2. Compassion
    3. Cooperation
    4. Courage
    5. Faith
    6. Health and Fitness
    7. Honesty
    8. Perseverance
    9. Positive Attitude
    10. Resourcefulness
    11. Respect
    12. Responsibility
    Are you interested in becoming a Cub Scout?  Contact Us for more information.

    Rank Ceremony: 
    ALL Ranks Bridging

    Set-up: Den 1
    Gathering Activity: Den 3
    Opening Flag Ceremony: Den 6
    Den Report: Den 2
    Brings Pack Staff: Den 2
    Takes Pack Staff: n/a
    Skit and Den Yell: Den 8
    Pack Activity: New Cubmaster
    Closing Ceremony: 4
    Snack Duty: Committee
    Clean-up: 3


    Our class “B” or "activities" uniform is an alternate uniform shirt, a t-shirt with the pack’s logo, worn to certain outdoor scouting events and activities. It is used mostly for outdoor activities and events during the spring and summer months. The class “B” uniform should only be worn to scouting events and activities when instructed by your Den Leader or Cubmaster. For all Pack and Den Meetings and most activities and events the normal full Class “A” Uniform must be worn. 

    Class "B" uniform shirts are available for purchase at our monthly Pack meetings for $12.